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ACF WOD – 06.30.15 “Fortune Fury!”

ACF WOD – 06.30.15 “Fortune Fury!”

**An ALL TIME shout out to Coach Curtis Fortune today as he is turning 28 years old!  Our ACF family wouldn’t be the same without the passion, friendship and guidance that he brings to our community.  Be sure to join him in his BIRTHDAY WOD; he’ll be joining in at the 5PM class!!

1) Complete for time with a partner:

  • 600m Run
  • 56 reps Clean & Jerk (165#/115#)
  • 56 reps Bar facing Burpees
  • 600m carry (70#/53# kettlebell – 45#/35# plate)

* Partners will start by both completing the run together.  Teams may partition reps however they choose.  For the carries, one partner will cradle the kettlebell like a baby and the second partner will overhead walk alongside with the plate.  Switch as needed.  Please do not drop either the Kettlebell or the plate!