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ACF WOD – 02.19.16 “No Clock”

ACF WOD – 02.19.16 “No Clock”

1) Skill – Burgener warm-up (Snatch)

  • PVC pipe – 5x through
  • Barbell – 5x through

2) Snatch Complex:

  • High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch

* Notes: Part 1 will be treated as a skill building portion and will be directed and reps controlled by the coach.  Part 2 is NOT for time; you will have 20-25 minutes to work through the 3 snatch positions at your own pace and building in weight.  The priority should be getting consistent with positions and efficiency, as well as speed.  If you start failing lifts, take weight off the bar.  You may work squat snatches, and/or power snatch, depending on how you are feeling.