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ACF WOD – 05.16.16 “Celebration Week!”

ACF WOD – 05.16.16 “Celebration Week!”

**So much to celebrate this week at ACF!!  Our great friend Rob Brown celebtrated a BIRTHDAY this past weekend as well as some other b-days coming!  A BIG CELEBRATION to Coach Curtis and Coach Keely as they get ready to tie the knot this coming weekend!!!  We are all so excited for them; be sure to get in all week long and get your workouts in 😉

1) Complete for time:

  • Min 0-10: 1 mile run + max reps Clean & Jerk (135#/95#) in time remaining
  • Min 10-13: REST
  • Min 13-20: 800m run + max reps Power Snatch (115#/80#) in time remaining
  • Min 20-23: REST
  • Min 23-27: 400m run + max Thruster (95#/65#)

* Score each movement seperately and total reps accumulated.