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ACF WOD – 07.04.16 “Independence Day”

ACF WOD – 07.04.16 “Independence Day”

Independence Day is a reminder of the value of our freedom. A little over two centuries ago, colonists in this land felt strongly enough about their desire for freedom from tyranny that they were willing to die for it. Independence Day is a reminder of the tremendous gift of freedom we have been given and of our responsibility to handle it with care and maintain it, unbroken, to pass on to our children and our children’s children. Freedom may be most often won by blood on the battlefield, but it is maintained by each and every one of us through our daily actions, our understanding of our rights and our insistence that those freedoms persist.  Today, we “bleed” for our freedom.  Happy Independence Day!

** We will be having one large 9am class today **

1) AMRAP 40 with a partner:

  • 30 reps Power Cleans (135#/95#)
  • 75 reps Air Squat
  • 200m Plate Carry (45#/25#)

* For the Power Cleans, you may partition reps however you choose; 30 reps as a team.  Each team member will then complete 75 reps Air Squats, together.  Then you will each strip a plate off of the barbell and complete your carry together.  Reload the weight back on the barbell upon returning and start round 2.