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  • ACF WOD: 9.5.16 “Happy Labor Day”

ACF WOD: 9.5.16 “Happy Labor Day”

ACF WOD: 9.5.16 “Happy Labor Day”

Happy Labor Day!

We will only have ONE class today at 10:00am. Come in for a great team workout. Beginners and family are welcome!


1) Complete 300 reps of wall balls for time, with a group of four people.

Divide your group of four into teams of two.

Team 1 will complete an AMRAP of :

  • 15 wall balls (20#@10’/14#@9′)
  • 15 burpees

* Switch back and forth between the two of you, keeping track of your wall ball reps.

Team 2 will complete for time:

  • 200m KB Farmers carry (70#/53#) / Over head plate carry (45#/25#)

* One partner carries ketlle bells as a farmer carry while the other partner carries a bumper plate over head, Bumper plate must be held with locked out arms straight over head, no resting on head or bending of the arms. Both partners complete 200m together. Must swicth equipment at least once during the run but may switch as many times as necessary.

The group switches once the running team returns.

As a group complete 300 reps wall balls for time, keep communication strong and ALWAYS keep track of your reps.