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ACF WOD: 2.21.17 “One Rep Max”

ACF WOD: 2.21.17 “One Rep Max”

The Crossfit Games Open is upon us! Just like years past the workouts for the week will be released Thursday night at 5:00pm. We will be doing the open workouts as our Friday programming. You will have one week to complete the workout and record your score online. We will have opportunities to complete or redo the workout during our weekend open gym times. There is still time to sign up before the deadline on Thursday! You may do so here:  https://games.crossfit.com/  Look for our team under ACF STRONG!

This is our final week of our squat program and it’s time to re-test our squat strength! Just in time for the Open! Compare your one rep max to 1.13.17


Find your 1 Rep Max:

  • Back Squat

Compare from 1.13.17



Complete for time:

  • 100 Single arm Dumbbell snatches (50#/35#)

*Every minute stop and complete 5 pull-ups