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ACF WOD: 5.17.17 “Weakest link”

ACF WOD: 5.17.17 “Weakest link”

AMRAP 30 minutes of:

  • 400m run
  • 1 Minute of bodyweight weakness work (Example: Pull-ips, Pistols, Handstand push-ups, Handstand walking, parallettes, rope climbs)
  • 1 Minute of weighted or skill work (Example: Single arm dumbbell overhead squat, Split Jerk, Front rack Step-ups, Stones, Sandbags, sled-pushes)
  • 1 Minute of rest

*This workout is designed by you (with guidance of a coach) to target your weaknesses. Come in with a game plan of what you think you might want to work on and the coach will help you with that movement throughout the workout. Have fun with this one and try something new or challenging! Remember: The fastest way to get fitter is to work on your weaknesses.