CF-L3, CF HQ Staff Trainer, EMT, CPR-AED
AS Fire Science/Nutrition
CrossFit Specialty Courses: Nutrition, Endurance, Kids, Anatomy of an Athlete
Regional Athlete 2012-2014

As co-owner I have been training CrossFit since 2008.  I started it in my backyard while living away at firefighting training. I found the workouts to be challenging and never found myself getting bored with routine. Eventually, I utilized it to train myself and other Firefighters at my station until I left in 2014. At that point I continued to travel the globe training people under CrossFit HQ. I started coaching everyday civilians in Atascadero when we opened the Atascadero CrossFit affiliate at the end of 2012.

I love being a part of people’s journey toward more self-awareness and confidence as a result of training. Everyday, whether traveling to other parts of the world or at home, I get to witness members overcome and break through preconceived limitations… both physical and emotional. It keeps me motivated to make sure they have the best experience possible while training and being part of our community at Atascadero CrossFit. I invite you to join our family and become the best version of yourself!




CrossFit Specialty Courses: Strongman and CF Football

I am co-owner of Atascadero CrossFit and a Firefighter by day. I have 7+ years of crossfit experience including many competitions of all types and levels. I am a level 2 crossfit trainer with additional certifications including CrossFit Strongman and CrossFit Football. I have been crossfitting my entire firefighting career and believe that the CrossFit formula is essential for success in every aspect of life. Dustin and I met at the fire station in 2010 and immediately clicked because of our shared passion for fitness. Two years later we opened Atascadero CrossFit together.  I met my wife, Keely, in the Fire Academy in 2009 and we have been crossfitting and fighting fires together ever since. My favorite part of CrossFit is the confidence it builds in people. I am also a Lego lover.

“Train like your life depends on it, because it does.”




CrossFit Specialty Courses: Gymnastics & Weightlifting

I began my CrossFit journey in November 2014 when I moved to the central coast for a nursing position at Twin Cities. I felt at home at ACF immediately, signed up after my free trial, and have had the opportunity to learn from our members as well as our coaches ever since. Although I love the fitness I’ve gained as a member, my favorite aspect of CF and ACF in particular is that feeling of family, community, and encouragement.

I became a coach in September 2015 and find greater fulfillment in helping others reach their fitness goals. I seek opportunities to learn all that I can so I can coach our athletes safely and with confidence.





I came to CrossFit as a lifelong athlete who had found myself bored with the traditional gym routine.  My husband Steve brought me to my first CrossFit workout in 2007, when it was still an underground thing and most CrossFitters were fire/police/military.  I was hooked. It sucked, but in a way that left me feeling motivated and wanting more. I was working as a teacher at the time, so as I became a better athlete it felt natural to me to gravitate toward becoming a coach.  From there I got my Level 1 cert, followed by my Level 2.

I competed in Regionals on both a team and as an individual, but more recently have focused on being fit for life as a mom to our son Cam and fostering the community of our ACF family.





I joined CrossFit in 2014 and am proof positive it is for any age group (born in 1965). I have always enjoyed competition and camaraderie with others and have found that CrossFit is both as well as allowing me to retain mobility, stamina, and strength, all key to ageing well. As a Pastor, I  enjoy helping people with their spiritual journey and as a CrossFit coach, I am able to help those on their physical fitness journey as well.



Adrienne Hallock


I started crossfit at ACF in December 2013.  I didn’t have much of an athletic background and knew nothing about Crossfit.  Fortunately that didn’t matter! I felt welcomed by the coaches and members at ACF.  I appreciated how the coaches spent the time to explain the work out, scale options so everyone had a great safe work out.

I was hooked after the first month. I love the variety in each workout and it is a great outlet to find a healthy way to challenge myself, make goals and accomplish them.

I had a great experience of being able to do crossfit while I was pregnant with my 2nd child.  After she was born I really became motivated to support other parents stay on their fitness journey. So I received my CF-L1 in January 2017 and continue to learn all I can to help others to be happier, healthier people.