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ACF WOD – 08.17.16 “Powerhouse”

1) Complete 5 sets: Max reps Bench Press (205#/135#) - Sub: Floor Press Max reps touch 'n go Power Cleans (205#/135#) 15-20 reps GHD Hip Extensions * Rest as needed between sets.  Move from the bench press straight to the power cleans, straight to the hip extension.  Recover fully before your next set.  Score is total reps for both the Bench Press and the Power Cleans.  Go with a we...

ACF WOD: 4.2.16 “What’s Next”

Complete 5 rounds for max reps of: Bench Press (225#/135#) Calories row in 1 minute GHD Sit -up (Sub: Ab mat sit-up) *Each station will be 1 minute with a 3o second transition/rest period between stations. You score will be total amount of reps for all 5 rounds.

ACF WOD – 01.09.16 “Gimme Some More”

1) Complete for time: 400m Farmer's Carry (53#/35#) 21 reps Bodyweight Bench Press 300m Front Rack Walk (53#/35#) 15 reps Bodyweight Bench Press 200m Overhead Carry (53#/35#) 9 reps Bodyweight Bench Press * The Kettlebell carries are all done with 2 matching KB's.  If needed, modify the Bench Press to a weight that you can get 10-12 reps unbroken, when fresh.