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ACF WOD: 7.14.17 “Chipper with a partner”

Complete for time with a partner: 300 Double unders 250 sit-ups 200 Wall-balls (20#/14#) 150 Kettle bell swings (53#/35#) 100 Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch (50#/35#) *** E2MOM each person does 1 rope climb, one person works at a time***

ACF WOD: 7.13.17 “Repeat”

Complete for reps: 4 min amrap - squat hold with bumper plate (45#/25#) -rest 1 min- 4 min amrap - t2b -rest 1 min- 4 min amrap - row for cal ** compare score to 6.27.17** This is the same workout but in different format, so lets test which gets people more reps!

ACF WOD: 7.3.17 “Feeling explosive”

In honor of Independence Day we will be doing a "HERO" Workout on the 4th. We will only be having one large class at 10AM. Evening classes on the 4th are cancelled. All other classes for the week are scheduled as regular. See you then!   STRENGTH: Front Squat 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 METCON: AMRAP for 20 minutes: 10 "L hang" pull-ups 10 Hand stand push-ups 20 Hip extensions &...

ACF WOD: 6.20.17 “House of Pain”

Complete 4 rounds for time: 30 Push-ups 20 Front Squats (115#/80#) 20 Push press (115#/80#) 30 GHD sit ups or BD weighted sit-up (50#/35#)

ACF WOD: 6.14.17 “Lateral strength”

EMOM 21 minutes Minute 1: 10 Each side: Hammer swings Minute 2: 7 Each side: Bulgarian split squat Minute 3: 5 Each side: Kettle bell windmill (35#/26#)  

ACF WOD: 3.3.17 “17.2”

RX: Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of: 2 rounds of: -50-ft. weighted walking lunge -16 toes-to-bars -8 power cleans Then, 2 rounds of: -50-ft. weighted walking lunge -16 bar muscle-ups -8 power cleans Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds. Men use 50-lb. dumbbells, Women use 35-lb. dumbbells, MODIFIED:of:Complet...

ACF WOD: 2.28.17 “Technical Fitness”

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes complete: 1 Power Snatch 2 Hang Squat Snatches 3 Overhead Squats 40 Double Unders *You choose a challenging weight. Aim for :30 - 60 seconds rest each round.

ACF WOD: 2.13.17 “Strong Core”

Unfortunately the 9:00am class is canceled for today due to a scheduling conflict. All other classes are scheduled as normal and the 9:00am class will resume on Wed. Thank you for understanding. Complete For time: 30 Clean & Jerks* (185/125#) *EMOM: Complete 6 Toes to bar - starting with the Toes to bar

ACF WOD: 2.9.17 “Intensity = Results”

EMOMx8: Odd: 4 Snatches (155/105#) Even: 7 Overhead Squats (155/105#)

ACF WOD: 1.31.17 “Squat Program”

Schedule Update: We will be closed Friday Pm classes due to set up for the 4th annual Slo County Games! The 4th annual Slo County Games is happening this Saturday at  ACF from 8:00am - 4:00pm. Come down and cheer on some of the fittest people in the central coast as they throw down in this exciting CrossFit Competition.   20 Unbroken Reps Back Squat *Compare to last set of 20 ba...