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Atascadero CrossFit:

At Atascadero CrossFit, you will not find rows of treadmills and machines; instead, you will find pull up bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and open floor space used for squatting, running, jumping, climbing, lifting and throwing. We mimic movements performed in day to day life and sport. We won’t do bicep curls and leg extensions; we will however deadlift and squat because it is a functional, real life movement (lifting your kids, etc.) We are training to make you fit, not just to look fit.


CrossFit Coaches


Special Offers and local promotions!:

Check out the latest special offers.  We have multiple packages and discounts for the entire family.  Please note, some promotions have limited spaces and cannot be extended.



Just starting?  Send us an email at Atascaderocrossfit@gmail.com to set up a time for your FREE class!

Nervous about trying CrossFit? DON’T BE!  CrossFit is universally scalable.   Did you know that Bob Harper is using CrossFit in the show ‘The Biggest Loser’?  Our classes are perfect for the new to CrossFit crowd.  Our classes are where we teach people with zero workout background how to safely and efficiently scale the CrossFit workout to match their skill level!  All you need to bring is workout clothes and a bit of courage!



While you are here!:

Even if you are not a member yet, please take advantage of our NEWS feed, workouts, WODS and Fitness Food For Thought.  You will find a wealth of information about nutrition, workout programming and why CrossFit works.  We want you to climb that mountain as soon as possible and this place is a great spot to take that first step!!