FITNESS FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Because mediocrity just won’t suffice.”

It’s mediocrity that says you can’t lose the body fat, lift weights, run, enjoy competitive or recreational sports, lift anything over 20lbs, bend over, squat down.

It’s mediocrity that says you’re too old, too out of shape, you’re not cut out for it, you have a weak back or bad knees.

Mediocrity isn’t going to work for us; Excellence will.

Excellence is about doing what most people who live their lives stuck in mediocrity aren’t willing to do. It’s about doing things for YOU and YOUR health and well being! It’s about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s about pushing the limits, to see what happens!

Mediocrity or Excellence is a choice we have every single day we are blessed with. We choose excellence. Happy 2013!!!!! Let’s make it an EXTRA ordinary year!