**Modified Turkey Week Schedule!**

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: normal classes THURSDAY: Family Friendly Turkey WOD 8am! FRIDAY: Turkey Burn Open Gym 8-11am SATURDAY: Atlas Stone Clinic 9am, Open Gym 10-11am SUNDAY: Normal Open Gym 9-11am

ACF WOD “Flow State” MONDAY – 11.19.18

KB Flow with Partner: 7 Rounds Each 7 Reps each of the Complex: Double KB Push Up  Double KB Bent Over Row Russian KB Swing to Snatch to OHS (R/L) Rest 5 mins DB Flow with Partner: 7 Rounds Each 7 Reps each of the Complex: Double DB Deadlift  Double DB Reverse Lunge (R/L) Double … Continued

ACF WOD “Titanic” 11.17.18

First… Banded running drills  …then For quality and load x7:  Sled drag across the parking lot —-> 50m sprint Walk back to sled Sled row back to start

ACF WOD “Gosh Darnit Karen” 11.16.18

First… Double Tabata:  Push Up + Cross Shoulder Tap  Med Ball Dead Bug  …then “Karen” For time: 150 wall-ball shots (20# to 10’/ 14# to 9’)

ACF WOD “Buns & Guns” 11.14.18

1. Heavy Sled Push x4 *immediately following your push, do 20 Single Leg Glute Bridge (10ea side), raised leg bent rather than straight  2. Hang Power Snatch  3-3-3-3-3-3

ACF WOD “Veterans Day- Observed” 11.12.18

Modify gym schedule today in observance of Veterans Day…. 9 AM will be a large community class and the gym will be closed for the remainder of the day. Feel free to bring your friends, bring your family bring your hardest working attitude and get ready to throw down at 9 AM! Spend a little … Continued

ACF WOD “OPEN GYM” 11.10.18

Banded running drills For quality and load x7: Sled drag across parking lot —-> 50m sprint, walk back to sled, Sled row back to start