Today is our final class of our three part Footprint series. We will be hosting this class at 5:30 am, 6:45 am and 6:45 pm. The 5:30 pm class will be a regular class. During our three part Footprint class we have a topic of discussion, review three fundamental movements and have a workout of the day. We … Continued

ACF WOD: 2.14.13

1)Hand stand walks 2) Two rounds for reps of: 1 min kettle bell swing (53#/35#) 1 min rest 1 min wall walks 1 mins rest 1 min turkish get up (53#/35#) 1 min rest 1 min pull-up 1 min rest  


Today is our second edition of  our FootPrint class. In this informal class we will have a topic of discussion, review three fundamental movements and finish with a work out of the day. This class is very educational and is for ANY fitness level. Our FootPrint class is required for all new students, however if you are interested in … Continued

ACF WOD: 2.12.13

AMRAP in 5 mins of: 25 sit-ups 10 ring dips 3 mins rest AMRAP in 5 mins of: 3 power cleans (205#,145#) 25 double unders 2 mins rest max L-sit in 3 mins


Today will be our first Footprint class. This class will be at 6:45 am and 6:45 pm on Monday, Wed, and Friday this week. We will have regular classes all other class times this week. Our footprint will be a three part series and will rotate each day. Each class will have a topic of discussion and … Continued


1) Ring Hand Stand Push-Up Practice 2) For Time: 30 Hang power clean 20 Front Squats 10 Squat Cleans 30 Hang Power Snatch 20 Over Head Squats 10 Squat Snatch 30 Shoulder to Over Head 20 Toes to Rings 10 Bar Muscle-ups *All bar movements (95#/65#)  

ACF WOD: 2.7.13

1) Five attempts at a 2 rm weighted pull-up 2) Five rounds for time: 7 over head squats (135/95) 14 buprees over the bar *1 min rest between rounds

ACF WOD: 2.6.13

1) 10 mins to establish 5 rep max deadlift 2) 3 x 5 reps at 90% 5 rm 3) EMOM for 16 mins* Odd minutes- 6 push press Even minutes- 8 front rack walking lunges (4 each leg) * same weight for lunges and push press 4) 50 toes to bar for time     … Continued

ACF WOD 2.5.13

Skill Work and Conditioning WOD: 3 rounds not for time GHD (Glute Hamstring Developer) back extensions 20 reps Hand stand hold 30 seconds 12-9-6-3 reps of Hang Power Cleans (185/125) Broad Jumps (8’/6′) Hand Stand Push Ups