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Starting is as easy as taking that first step in the roll up door:

When someone new walks in the gym we realize it can be intimidating.

We always welcome new people, and we want you to feel comfortable and part of the community whether it’s your first day or your first year.

Here are a few tips to make your new adventure at ACF a breeze!


Am I strong enough?:

Absolutely.  We are not going to say it is easy though!  It is hard work, that will yield results!  CrossFit is a training program that is based on functional movement. Functional movement is the ability to apply strength to your everyday life.  The appealing thing about CrossFit is that is it universally scalable to fit the needs of each athlete.


Am I skilled enough?:

We will teach you the skills!  Our primary goal is to safely guide you during the workouts.   One of the best ways to enjoy CrossFit is to experience a class for yourself. Each and every class you will be coached on proper mechanics prior to and during each workout.



The workouts usually happen in a large, open gym area with a timer.  It is common to cheer on your fellow gym mates!  We work out as a group and want to see each other do well and raise our intensity to see new gains and benchmarks.  When someone meets or exceeds a goal everyone celebrates!  We all want to do better, and we especially want our gym mates to do better too!  Expect people to say ‘Hi!’ and cheer you on!  Once you are a CrossFitter, you will have new friends everywhere.


New friends at 808 CrossFit in Hawaii.




ACF will supply all the equipment needed! (except water bottles)



Sorry, but you will have to supply the clothing 🙂 .. There is a mountain of workout clothing choices for you so here are a few tips.  Durable, easily washed, non-fragile fabrics are a plus.

Shirts –  Most t-shirts work well, make sure they are comfortable under rigorous conditions. Tanks and layers of apparel are popular too.

Shorts –  Shorts will take most of the wear during a workout.  Several of the movements will have your shorts or leggings coming in contact with the bar, the kettlebell, and the floor.  It is good to wear shorts that can sustain a wide range of motion and friction.  You will also be doing a LOT of stretching in your shorts.  If you can’t sit crossed-legged in your shorts, they might not be a great choice!  Most men wear elastic waist board type shorts. Most women wear shorts, shorts over tights, or tights.

Shoes –  Wear a shoe that you feel comfortable doing a bit of running, as well as lifting in.  There are a ton of shoes, and a wide range of them are peoples favorites in the gym.  You do not need a super fancy CrossFit shoe to get started!  …but do yourself a favor and do not show up with ‘tone while you walk’ or ‘rocker type shoes’.

Socks –  A good sock is handy too!  On some days, you might want to have a long pair of socks at the ready.  There are a few moves that have a tendency in new folks to bump a bit on their shins.  Long, tight socks will help with those bumps.

Water Bottle –  There is nothing more satisfying than your bottle or jug of nice refreshing water just after a workout.  A water bottle does not have to be fancy, it just has to be full!  Bring a plastic jug, or bring the latest in water containing technology.   Both will be equally loved while you work out!

Fancy Gear –  Minimal shoes, gloves, compression tights, lifting shoes, wraps, special CrossFit shorts and which fingers to tape up, are all things you will hear opinions about in the gym.  Save your money until you speak to gym members and see what is best for you, because none of them are necessary to get started!


So many choices, ask members before you buy!


The Workout itself:

This is nothing like a mirror and carpet workout at a Globo gym…  Workouts start with some stretching and mobility, then moves to a short warm-up, followed by a demonstration of the workout by the coach, and finally the workout.  The entire process can take from 30 minutes, to 60 minutes, and on rare or special occasions longer.   The coach will guide you closely through the movement patterns. They want to know you are safely set- up and correctly scaled for your ability.  The coach will show you each move in its entirety and how to do it with correct form.  Once the workout begins you will work at your scale, with a high intensity against the clock.  At the end of the workout, you will log your time and the workout will serve as a marker for where you stood on that day on that hour.


Sorry, no treadmills…


The day after:

Needless to say, most, if not all folks are a little sore the next day.  The best way to deal with soreness is stay hydrated and keep active.  Sometimes you are even more sore the second day after the workout.  This is called DOMS, ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’.  This is very common and is why it is important to stay hydrated and active.  In a lot of circles, the best way to deal with soreness is another light workout.  There is a multitude of information about great ways of recovering after workouts and you can watch for them on this page in the ‘Fitness Food For Thought’!



Now that you decided to try it!.  …Please give yourself a 12 week commitment.

Here is the rule of thumb.  At the end of 4 weeks, you will really start to notice a difference.  You will feel a bit stronger, you will feel more energetic, and you will already notice gains in the gym (this is why we log your workout info).  At the end of 8 weeks your family and the people close to you will start to notice a difference.  They will see the stronger leaner you and will comment!  …there is nothing quite like the awesome feeling of someone noticing your hard work on their own!!   Then finally at 12 weeks, people around you, that you don’t know but often interact with, will take notice.  Prepare for questions like, ‘how did you do that?’, and ‘what are you doing?’… This is when you will start trying to talk the rest of your friends and family into CrossFit haha.

See you soon!