Five easy tips to finding the right CrossFit ‘Box’ for you!

We realize there are many CrossFit gyms to choose from.  Not every box is the right match for every person.

The tips here are a good way to spot a ‘box’ that is a good match for you!  Finding a CrossFit gym/box that is perfect for you, and you are perfect for, is the best way to keep staying fit for a lifetime.  …Honestly, we suggest you try several Cross Fit ’boxes’ to see who is the best match.  Right away you will notice a wide variety of coaching styles, intensity, programming, equipment, cleanliness and most of all community.

1. Experience:

Don’t be afraid to ask how much experience your trainer has!  Look for a trainer that has plenty of experience and a wide range of skills.  Also look for a trainer that can do the actual move they are teaching.


2. Safety:

Coaches at ACF are here to make sure you train safely.  We monitor your movements before and during workouts to make sure you are moving safely.


3. Intensity and instruction:

You can find many levels of intensity at different CrossFit boxes and CrossFit like boot camps.  Intensity ranges from ‘boot-camp light’ to ‘absolute fire breathers only’.    You should get the proper form FIRST, before adding any weight.  A foundation built on poor form is no foundation at all.  The coaches are not just there to cheer you on.


4. Cleanliness:

Check that the box you visit is well-maintained, organized and sanitary.  Any unmaintained or unsanitary gear is a bad sign.


5. Community:

Find a box with a great community where you can really maximize the enjoyment of your workouts.   Also look for a box that is active in your local community as well as the CrossFit community.  It’s not just about impressing your peers.  What has the box you are looking at done for its community?