CrossFit is not your typical “gym.” Our members don’t just come in and get their butts kicked and leave; it goes far beyond that. CrossFit is a community, a home away from home. We are a support group based around very tight bonds. Getting an amazing workout is just a great addition to our program! Our members range anywhere from 3 years old to folks in their 70’s. CrossFit is for anyone! At Atascadero CrossFit we are looking to build self confidence in our members. We plan to target folks in public safety, teachers, law enforcement, mothers, fathers, kids, as well as people with special needs. Everyone needs fitness and we believe that our program is perfect for anyone who has a desire to have fun while getting healthy! We will be sponsoring one high school athlete every month with a free membership to support the local high school athletics. This is something we are very excited about! And you can bet we will go to their weekly games as a large group to support our high school athletes!



Not only is it a fitness program, but it is a community builder.  Our members are also our friends and family.  We conquer our workouts as a team and motivate each other to raise the bar for not only ourselves, but for our team, and for our community.   It is not uncommon to see our family donating time and working for local and world causes and fund raisers.   We hope to add you too.



In the end, we want our members to be healthy and lead rewarding lives.  CrossFit is not all about building lean muscle.  It is also about nutritional health, as well as mental health.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and become healthy, strong and enjoy a life of longevity.

See you soon!